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When it’s a horizontal navigation strip, perhaps?
The Listamatic is a collection of examples of real-world CSS adaptations of the unordered list (<ul>) that demonstrate just how powerful the concept of separating presentation from content can be. Want to see a horizontal navigation scheme with rollover effects? Or maybe a more graphically rich set of list items?

Note that this is just one aspect of a web page, but navigation is among the most important – if not the most important. If you get it wrong and you have a whole site to put right, what are you gonna do? These examples show that it is possible to use the correct markup for the job (after all, what is navigation but a list of potential routes you can take?) and, in the event of a design disaster (“The visitors hate this navigation!”) it is possible to radically change the presentation of your navigation.

Listmatic is a copy-and-paste special – visitors can easily take the examples and deploy them without understanding how the effects are achieved (although you should ask yourself how ethical wholesale copying is). However, instant gratification aside, for those who actually want to learn something in the process, you could try out the listutorial where the techniques are explained in full.

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