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This is one of those ‘clearing out your bookmarks/favourites’ type posts – a selection of useful articles spotted over the last few days:

  • CSS-Based Design – Jeremy Keith of Adactio puts up his notes from the Skillswap talk he gave back in March (better late than never, and it’s all good stuff, so we forgive you Jeremey – even the over-enthusiastic use of Matrix quotes).
  • Accessible Header Images With CSS And XHTML – Another article explaining the use of CSS to render images in place of <h1> headers. Have we cracked the problem of accessibility of these solutions? Make your own judgement about that.
  • Rounding Tab Corners – a new CSS tutorial from Eric Meyer that explains how to achieve a rounded tab effect using CSS and clever placement of your images. Say goodbye to horribly intricate stretchy-in-parts, non-stretchy-in-others table constructions.
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