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Ian Hickson, who was a standards guru before you were a standards newbie, talks about the problems with client-side XSLT. This is a technique which is supposedly supported by all modern browsers — at least, all modern graphical browsers. But in this case, there is no fallback provided for older browsers, or text browsers such as Lynx (which simply offers to download the raw XML of the page).

The real example that Ian links to (yes, this is being used right now on a commercial newspaper website) works in Internet Explorer, but doesn’t even work for me in Mozilla 1.5rc2 (which should qualify as a modern graphical browser, it was released 3 days ago) because of incorrect server-side configuration (MIME type issues).

So basically, this newspaper site has managed to find a way to use web standards such as XML and XSLT in such a way that their site is only available to people running the latest version of Internet Explorer.

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