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So OS X 10.3 is now available, and it looks good to me. Fellow WaSP Mark Pilgrim has already compiled a useful 11-page site detailing all the new features, but there was one thing that struck me about the new OS – and that is the new version of Safari.

Normally, I like to announce new browser updates on Buzz with a URL for you good folk to follow and then download, but I can’t do that with Safari 1.1. As it stands currently, the link from the Panther information pages takes you to a page about Safari 1.0. Why? Because version 1.1 is only available with Panther. Just take a moment to let that sink in.

Now, when Microsoft announced that it was cancelling future development on IE, everyone was up in arms. Want a new version of IE? You’ll have to wait until the next operating system comes out, mate. People across the web were really hacked off that they would have to buy a whole operating system to get the new browser. Strangely, this is precisely the situation with Safari 1.1 – yet where are the protests?

Now, before you shoot me down in flames let me just say that I am a Mac user, and have OS X (Jaguar) – I’m not a Mac hater by any means, I’m not trying to snipe. But I do find it strange that Apple have not come in for criticism for this in the same way that Microsoft has – especially when the browser has some tantalizing improved support for web standards (like this text-shadow demonstration). We – the Jaguar users – want it too. Heck, we’ll probably buy Panther eventually. The browser alone is not enough of a carrot to dangle in front of us to upgrade, but in the meantime can’t we get Safari 1.1 on 10.2.*?

About a release for Jaguar users, Dave Hyatt is quoted as saying:

Several trackbacks also ask about Safari 1.1 on Jaguar. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog entries, I can’t comment on future Safari releases.

Well, now that Panther is out I’d love to see something more concrete about this. I’d hate to think that Apple are forcing users to upgrade their OS to get the new browser. I really don’t want to think bad thoughts about Apple. Please, Mr Hyatt, tell me something good.

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