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CSS-licious Mezzoblue menus

By Ethan Marcotte | October 28th, 2003 | Filed in CSS

Fellow WaSP Dave Shea has recently implemented a gorgeous CSS-driven dropdown menu that demonstrates the flexibility and power of standards-based design.

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Fellow WaSP Dave Shea has recently implemented an opaque, CSS-driven dropdown menu on
his personal site, Mezzoblue
. This new menu not only demonstrates the power of style sheets (not a single line of JavaScript was used), but is a perfect example of the kind of progressive enhancement built into standards-based design.

By starting with a foundation of valid XHTML, Dave uses CSS to gradually add layers of presentation to his markup. More standards-compliant browsers will see the full dropdown effect; less CSS-friendly browsers (such as Internet Explorer) will still be able to navigate his site with ease. The end result is a very nicely executed effect, and a perfect example of the power of web standards. Nicely done!

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