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Some good stuff that I’ve stumbled across that readers may find of interest. Bzzzzzz.

  • Why Tables For Layout is Stupid – Whoa- that told you! Seriously, although the title of this presentation (from the Seybold 2003 in San Francisco) may seem a bit too admonishing for some, you cannot argue that the content and style of this presentation is absolutely fantastic. I only wish I’d seen this presented for real but, strangely for presentation ‘slides’, this one stands up on its own.
  • Coding for Easier Redesigns – Mr Zeldman also covers using CSS for flexible site design (and the inevitable subsequent redesigns). If there is one niggle about this article it’s that it is Flash and there are is no apparant HTML version available – something that must surely annoy Jeffrey.
  • The Missing <link> in the World Wide Web – Derek Featherstone believes the <link> element in (X)HTML is underused and underachieving, and explains why we should all learn to embrace it like a favorite sweetie-bearing aunt.
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