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By Dave Shea | October 29th, 2003 | Filed in CSS, DOM

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Looking for the ultimate learning resource for CSS, Javascript, and the DOM? What about a remarkably complete listing of current support levels amongst the major browsers? Even a news source devoted to Javascript?

Peter Paul Koch delivers, and how. Launched just today is his brand new QuirksMode, over a hundred and fifty pages of useful and well thought-out documentation that you will find yourself referring to over and over again.

PPK’s views on standards, validating, and more specifically the “self-proclaimed caste of bigot priests” mentioned on his explanation page will grate the nerves of zealots everywhere. Perhaps even rightly so, but one wonders if PPK is instead over-balancing in the other direction with such ardent detraction.

Personal views aside, Koch has blessed the world with a wonderful developer’s resource that should not go overlooked. QuirksMode offers practical advice for today’s web, with a great volume of information readily available from one spot. Share and enjoy!

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