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By Dunstan Orchard | November 14th, 2003 | Filed in CSS, Design

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Do you ever come to the point sometimes when you are designing and the design is just simply not working so you begin to wonder why you are even a designer or could even claim to be one?

So speaks Paul Scrivens of 9rules. If you’ve ever felt the same (and who hasn’t) a visit to his CSS Vault might be what’s required to get the juices flowing and restore a little va-va-voom.

I needed a place where I could look at a list of sites that would inspire my creativity with CSS. I needed a site that linked to all the great CSS resources out there on the web. I couldn’t find a site that combined those two elements, so I created one myself.

Partially inspired by the wunderkids of 37signals, the CSS Vault offers up an excellent collection of CSS sites and resources for your delectation.

Although the doors have only been open for a month there’s already an impressive hit-list in the gallery, and around seventy tricks, hacks, demos and articles in the resource section.

So, comb your hair, put on some pants, and mosey on down to the CSS Vault. It’s saved at least one designer from gloom, who knows what it can do for you…

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