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A long-standing bug in the W3C‘s CSS validator is receiving some high-profile attention: Jeffrey Zeldman, fellow WaSP Douglas Bowman, and web design magazine A List Apart discuss the validator’s seeming unwillingness to parse Tantek Çelik’s Box Model Hack, a popular and long-standing trick used to hide CSS from less standards-compliant browsers.

While there are a number of workarounds available for those looking to circumvent this particular validator quirk, the fact remains that the W3C needs your help in order to improve upon its tools; its applications are open source, and are maintained by volunteer developers as time, work schedules, and personal lives permit. So if you’re irked by a particular bug, then grab some source code and get involved. After all, the validators play a large part in making standards-based web development possible — let’s try to lend a hand, so that we can keep it that way.

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