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Great Britain, while famous for many things, is perhaps best known for the efficiency and promptness with which it runs its rail systems.

Each day millions of citizens are transported in comfort and style from the doorsteps of their homes, to offices, schools, shopping centres, and any number of other destinations.

It’s travel nirvana.

However — and I’m loath to sully the name of UK transport like this, but the truth must out — this beautiful and admired system has one small flaw: the National Rail Enquiries web site.

Javascript, cookies, and the ability to see iframes are just some of the barriers placed in front of users of this service. Yes, people are being denied the pleasure of interacting with UK rail transport, and it makes my blood boil.

Matthew Somerville was similarly incensed and as a consequence has taken the time to produce an accessible version of the train timetable. This, along with accessible versions of six other sites (Live Rail Departure Boards, Odeon Cinemas, the Hutton Inquiry, the BBC, Directory Enquiries, and a Comic Shop Locator) show that there really is no need to employ such exclusive design strategies.

You can see, and use, all of Matthew’s redesigns at

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