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In their ongoing efforts to spread the good word about markup and CSS, Westciv is offering FREE courses on HTML 4 and XHTML starting this week and running for the next several months.

The free program is excellent for those brand new to standards, or for those folks using CSS but who do not have a strong foundation in markup. Because the relationship of your HTML or XHTML documents to your CSS is so critical to avoiding mishaps and problems with CSS, it will also appeal to those individuals who have been using visual editors without much of an understanding of what really goes into standardized HTML and XHTML.

You can follow the free course online, or purchase the course for download at $29.99 and go at your own pace. Either way, I’ve found Westciv’s content to be very straight-forward, easy-to-understand, and very helpful with accessibility and usability concerns as well as their hallmark specialty of CSS.

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