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Mark Pilgrim’s been diving into using CSS to style his Atom feed. He’s got an interesting discussion about what he’s done plus examples on his weblog. But you have to use a real browser to see it work – I’m sure you’re all as shocked and surprised as I am to learn that bit of news.

Down under, The Web Standards Group is busy as ever with their new “Ten Questions” interview series in which lots of famous people are interviewed about issues facing today’s web designers and developers.

This week, learn what Keith Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of Digital-Web Magazine has to say about editing a major web publication, reverting to table-based layout in sheer frustration during a design project, and what he refers to as “The Golden Triangle.” I’ll leave you to follow the link and find out exactly what Robinson means by that.

Also, take a look at a new article by Trenton Moss, What is Web Accessibility. The title of the article is a bit of a misnomer because the author never actually defines web accessibility, leaving that to the Pilgrims and Clarks of the world. Poor titling aside, Moss does a nice job of categorizing the types of needs that should be addressed when building accessible sites.

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