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Once again, Max Design provides a great resource for the standards world: A Web Standards Checklist. The list is meant to help folks understand the breadth of standards and provide a tool for developers.

The list examines six distinct areas of interest as follows:

  1. Quality of code. This section hones in on DOCTYPEs, character sets, validation, hacks, structure and performance.
  2. Degree of separation between content and presentation. Here, the focus is CSS for all presentation.
  3. Accessibility for users. Multiple questions regarding accessibility including alt attributes, font sizing, and descriptive links.
  4. Accessibility for devices. Here, the checklist helps developers hone in on how well devices such as browsers, resolution, print, and hand-helds manage your site.
  5. Basic usability. Hierarchies, navigation, and consistency are included in this section of the checklist.
  6. Site management. Check for 404′s, friendly URLs, and favicons, oh my!

The list is a must-have addition to any developer’s toolkit.

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