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No, not really. But lefty überblogger Kos gets in a good rant about them anyway:

Until browser developers learn to embrace web standards and allow for a uniform browsing experience, people like me will write code which will break on someone’s browser, somewhere.

Of course, Kos is still slogging along in <table> land, and has some validation troubles to boot. But then he’s a political commentator, not a web developer. Fortunately, he’s got some clueful visitors who are helping him out.

The fact remains that there’s really no reason why end users in 2004 should be struggling with browser incompatibilities in basic formatting. At this late date, we should have browsers that render standards-compliant HTML (looking at you, Internet Explorer) in a predictable fashion, and development tools that generate standards-compliant HTML by default (don’t look so surprised, FrontPage).

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