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By Ethan Marcotte | February 26th, 2005 | Filed in CSS

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Update: Apparently, we BUZZed too soon; it appears that Staples has rolled back their site to its previous design. Hopefully this is a temporary hiccup, and Staples will soon be CSS-licious yet again.

Following on the heels of its standards-savvy redesign of their customer rewards center, has just launched with an all-CSS redesign. And as a sometime shopper of the site, I for one seriously appreciate how the now-lightweight markup has made the pages’ rendering times faster than greased bunnies.

Okay, I officially shouldn’t BUZZ before coffee.

Sexy though it may be, it’s worth noting that the hours-old design isn’t without its issues. The site’s main navigation is rife with javascript: pseudo-links, rendering completely inaccessible to anyone browsing without JavaScript; a quick skim of the source suggests that the functionality could easily be replicated through some intelligently applied onclick handlers, which would allow a wider array of users to enjoy the site.

And sadly, much of the site’s XHTML doesn’t come close to validating, due largely to the ol’ bugaboo of unencoded ampersands. One would hope that a brand such as Staples might leverage some of its clout against its CMS vendor, so that they can slap some truly future-proof markup on its homepage.

But all in all, I think Staples deserves a high-five for the work done to date, and a hearty congratulations on their redesign—I’m looking forward to further site innovations and improvements in the weeks ahead.

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