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CSS Reboot 2005

By Andy Clarke | May 1st, 2005 | Filed in Design

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May 1st. To be remembered for…

  • Elvis Presley and Pricilla’s wedding anniversary? (1967)
  • Last British concert by Beatles? (1966)
  • The first Batman comic published? (1939)

Well yes, but also for the first CSS Reboot 2005.

CSS Reboot will attempt to bring together web professionals who design with CSS and standards in mind to launch their redesigns on May 1st. This way we can both participate and show everyone just how great semantic, accessible design can be.

What strikes me when looking over the complete gallery of entries for CSS Reboot is the wide variety of design compositions and themes. It is easy to appreciate and at the same time (constructively (I hope)) criticise the work of all the designers who have contributed to the event. And that is my point. We are looking at the design, pure and simple, and some damn fine examples included at that.

The fact that these designs have been implemented with web-standards technologies is simply the topping on the trifle. Well worth digging a big spoon into.

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