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Valid, CSS-based redesigns have become almost routine around here, but now and again we see standards making their way into a quarter they haven’t previously reached. So it is with the new Capgemini site.

While large international consultancies are long on the expertise and experience needed to help megacorps, they’re also known as a conservative lot who change at a pace that’s downright glacial compared to their small-fry counterparts. The reason isn’t just inertia (though that may be a factor), it’s also that they take on projects with budgets and timescales several orders of magnitude beyond what many of us work with. Choosing a technology or technique prematurely could cost them (and their clients) sums equivalent to the GDP of many nations.

Nevertheless, Capgemini has forged ahead with a valid, CSS-based redesign that works as slick as it looks. Credit WaSP emeritus and co-founder Jeffrey Zeldman‘s Happy Cog Studios and current WaSP advisory committee member Douglas Bowman‘s Stopdesign with the slick work.


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