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It is with great pleasure that I introduce Kazuhito Kidachi as the newest member of WaSP. Kazuhito will be our liaison to Japan, working with the growing number of standards-oriented designers there to spread the good word.

With joy and pleasure, welcome, Kazuhito.

In other WaSP news, here’s what’s on tap and I promise quite refreshing:

  • WaSP will have a complete redesign within one month tops
  • WaSP is reorganizing in order to support the action-oriented times in which we live: more DOM, more accessibility, more standards

Okay, now get this – we will be opening comments (yes we’ll moderate) but oh yeah, we are very interested in what constructive issues you have.

How cool is that? You have no idea what a triumph it is within WaSP to be able to open up to your comments, and I can’t wait until we can. I’ve long disliked our one-sided relationship.

Still, patience is everything, darlings. Let’s say within a month?

I look forward to the conversation!

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