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Happy Birthday Opera

By Ian Lloyd | August 30th, 2005 | Filed in Browsers

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The big red O turns a big One Zero today – Opera is 10 years young! To celebrate, the company is having a virtual online party, including some party favors, or perhaps that will mean a bit more to you if I translate that as "free Opera registration codes". This is a time-limited offer, so if you want to grab yourself ad-free Opera browsing then head on over there now. The tab’s still running – get in there while you can.

Update: Spooky? Synchronicity? Coincidence? Who knows, but while this post celebrates Opera’s 10 years, it’s also post number 500 as showing in the management console for this here blog. We may not post every day here, but we like to think that what does get posted here has value for the community at large – here’s to our next 500, say I!

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