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The WaSP Education Task Force welcomes Lars Gunther as our liaison to Sweden. Lars is working with Skolverket (Swedish Language), Sweden’s national agency for schools, to encourage the adoption of Web standards in their curriculum reform project for Gymnasium (Swedish Language) scheduled for launch in 2007.

Gymnasium is similar to high school in the United States, and A level studies in England. During Gymnasium studies, students are prepared for entry to a university or college, or are trained to work professionally upon completion of studies.

Teaching students interested in a career in web development with a curriculum based in semantic, standards compliant, accessible design is a logical first step.

Skolverket is in a position to become a leader in web design education and training if it includes these changes to its current web design curriculum (English Language).

Lars tells us,

Skolverkets own website recently underwent a major overhaul, throwing
out tables and while it still is not perfectly standards compliant
and accessible, it is a big step forward.

With the growing number of websites converting to or requiring standards support, the demand for experienced and skilled web designers and developers increases. So it makes sense to start including standards in career based learning for all levels of education.

Our EduTF looks forward to working with Lars and hearing about the educational progress and news from Sweden.

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