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The IEBlog today issued a call to action, asking developers to help “clean up” CSS hacks that are failing in strict mode in IE7.

Whether you’re interested in helping the IE development team or not, consider this: a review of your code could help to clean out some bad CSS hacks, and to identify where good CSS hacks could be used instead. A code review (and maybe some documentation?) could also help you if:

  • you have code that you haven’t looked at in a while,
  • you’re working with code that was written by someone else,
  • you’ve added some hacks as bug fixes without planning a backout strategy, or
  • you’re in need of something to do at work that qualifies as training/self-development.

Knowing what hacks you have in your code now will make your life a little easier later, when it’s time to start addressing issues in IE7!

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