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Yahoo Releases its User Interface Library

By Jeremy Keith | February 14th, 2006 | Filed in Authoring Tools, DOM, DOM Scripting TF

Graded Browser Support, design patterns library, user interface library. Its been a busy day over at the Yahoo Developer Network.

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It’s a busy day over at the Yahoo Developer Network. Nate Koechley has written a detailed and insightful look at Yahoo’s Graded Browser Support. At the same time, Yahoo have released their design patterns library under a Creative Commons attribution license — these design patterns should dovetail nicely with microformats and John Allsopp’s work on Web Patterns.

Perhaps of most interest to JavaScript developers, Yahoo also announced the release of their User Interface Library under an open source BSD license. The upshot of this release is that any developer can now benefit from the work and experience of over 100 Yahoo employees who have been steadily working on this.

It’s interesting to note that the User Interface Library should complement, rather than compete with, existing JavaScript libraries:

We’ve been inspired and motivated by the work done on other open-source JavaScript libraries — Sam Stephenson at Protoype, Thomas Fuchs at Scriptaculous, and Alex Russell at Dojo, to name just three.

You can start experimenting with the core components now: animation, drag’n'drop, event handling, DOM helpers, and a connection manager for Ajax. These utilities (and their associated widgets) can be used most effectively when they’re combined with the design patterns guidelines.

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