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WaSP eduTF hosts a discussion list for developers and educators working to promote Web standards in education. Subscribe to eduTF-pp to discuss education-related issues with over 100 members from around the world.

Hang out with us on IRC

A little shy about posting to a mailing list full of people? We set up an IRC channel so that members of eduTF-pp can get to know each other in a more immediate, synchronous setting and discuss in real-time ongoing issues such as supporting a university network, teaching Web standards within a college or university curriculum — and above all, have a little fun. See below for how you can access our IRC channel.

EduTF IRC Policy

IRC chat logs, like e-mail, are considered private and not for publication without express permission from all of the people participating in the discussion.

Server/Channel details

The important details for our IRC channel are:

  • Server:
  • Port: 6667 (most software has this as default)
  • Channel: #edutf

You can access this with any normal IRC client.

Popular IRC clients on Windows include:

IRC software for Mac OSX:

ChatZilla! is probably the simplest (and least visually cluttered). Once you start ChatZilla!, you can access the room or channel just by typing in the URL: irc:// . Putting that link in FireFox’s (or Mozilla browser’s) link bar will start the ChatZilla! client if you have it installed.

Before you join a server, make sure you set a nickname, alternate nickname, your username, and description in the preferences.

IRC Help has a tutorial and primer on IRC basics:

Craving more discussion?

The following are excellent forums that we recommend:

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

    CSS-discuss: “A mailing list devoted to talking about CSS and ways to use it in the real world; in other words, practical uses and applications.” CSS-discuss Archives are available.

  • W3C Standards Education and Outreach

    [email protected] Mail Archives: “Web standards education and outreach forum hosted by the Quality Assurance Interest Group at W3C.” A forum for discussion and communication which includes a focus on improving the quality of web-standards related books, publications, lectures and training courses. More information available at the mailing list link. Public archives are available.

  • Web Topics

    WD-L: “A forum for those involved in creating the Web — whether for business, for self-expression, or for exploring the possibilities of a new medium.” WD-L archives available to registered members.

    University Web Developers: “…dedicated to assisting people responsible for implementing and maintaining web sites in a University environment.”

  • Web Accessiblity and related topics.

    WebAIM Forum: The Web Accessibility Forum mailing list is for anyone interested in discussing Web accessibility issues. Individuals from all organizations and specialties are encouraged to join. WebAIM discussion group archives are available to the public.

All of the entries posted in WaSP Buzz express the opinions of their individual authors. They do not necessarily reflect the plans or positions of the Web Standards Project as a group.

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