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For the past few weeks, we have been subject to the occasional email from Cingular customers, complaining that they can’t pay their bills online without a standard browser. At least once, we received mail from someone who had questions about his Cingular bill. Our mail to the Cingular webmaster bounced, so we’ve been forced to take this to our Buzz-reading public.

Cingular, and everyone else, please stop referring to the now-discontinued Browser Upgrade Campaign pages on our site. You are only confusing your customers and sending the strong message that you do not care about them. If you’re using the JavaScript redirect, stop now. Your customers simply cannot understand what has happened, and email us, instead, with questions we can’t, and will not, answer.

Also, please refer to RFC 2142 and RFC 2068, which mandate that certain email role accounts be maintained so that people can contact you about your site, as in this case we tried, and failed, to do.

I’m sure the guy who emailed asking about his bill will appreciate it, too. We certainly will.

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