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In his post What can we talk about now?, Andy Clarke notes how far we’ve come and ponders how much further we can go with web standards.

So is this it? Have we pushed the current crop of browsers as far as they can go? Is Internet Explorer going to hold the web back for the foreseeable future? Should we just rest on our laurels? Are you kidding?

For every standards-savvy web geek reading this, there’s at least one non-savvy web geek building sites without adhering to standards in a meaningful way. Until we’ve shared the wealth and helped our colleagues adopt more modern working practises, it’s not browsers like IE6 holding back the web – it’s us.

Today’s challenge is to befriend a non-savvy colleague and offer to help them get their skills updated. Share with them some of the fantastic resources Andy talks of in his article. Note their response and any points they struggle with, and then write up some clarifying explanations to share online. We can’t wait around for browsers to solve our problems – we need to be part of the solution ourselves.

Most of all, we need to keep talking about standards, exploring standards and not get complacent with where we are. There is a tomorrow for the web – and it has standards at its core.

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