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Those with long memories will remember ABBA. The rest of us may just about recall the good work of the CSS Samurai when they launched the Acid Test back in 1997 and challenged makers of browsers world-over to improve their support for CSS 1.

Well, dammit, we’re at it again. No, not the Swedish song and dance routines, the bit about the browsers. Acid2 is a brand new test designed to push the limits of HTML, CSS, and PNG support in browsers and authoring tools. By testing against Acid2, flaws in support for common web standards are quickly and easily exposed.

Read the official press release for the full skinny. I promise it has no mention of camptastic European supergroups.

Early feedback is coming in from the likes of Safari developer Dave Hyatt over at Apple. In his blog entry on the subject, Dave states:

I started work today on making Safari pass the test, and I thought I’d blog my progress as I fix bugs in the test. This will be a fairly slow process as whole features may have to be added simply to make one row of the test render correctly.

For those using Safari, I have fixed two bugs so far…

That’s great news for Safari users, and we look forward to receiving feedback from those working on other browsers and tools in due time.

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