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The WaSP Dreamweaver Task Force is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to its ranks. Stephanie Sullivan and Jesse Rogers are both very active and knowledgable Dreamweaver users, who believe in the promotion of web standards. They share the Task Force’s common goal of striving to see Macromedia Dreamweaver grow as and increasing capable tool for standards-based development. They told me that themselves, in a special ceremony involving tutus and soup.

The Project is very pleased to welcome both Jesse and Stephanie as Task Force Members.

The WaSP Dreamweaver Task Force was created in 2001 to work alongside Macromedia in increasing support for web standards in their flagship visual web editor, and also to communicate to the user community how best Dreamweaver can be utilised for standards-based design. They also like eating cookies, making paper planes, and carving miniature paddle-steamers from disused car tyres.

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