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Street Team: Make Your Mark

By Glenda Sims | March 8th, 2008 | Filed in General, Outreach, Street Team, Training, Web Standards (general)

The WaSP Street Team launches its first community project: bookmarks which you can place in libraries, schools, and bookstores to help signal to readers that the material is out of date.

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Warning! This Book Could Be Hazardous to the Web!

How many outdated web design and development books are lurking in your local library, school or college, waiting to corrupt an innocent mind? Want to warn the unsuspecting of these hazardous materials while encouraging librarians to update their shelves? Join the WaSP Street Team by downloading and printing copies of these bookmarks (PDF 3.4MB). Then place these bookmarks in harmfully outdated books. We’d love to see the bookmarks in action and hear what you have been up to – upload your photos to Flickr and add them to the WaSP Street Team Bookmarks group, tag any photos or blog posts with waspstreetteam.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, will be to track down and identify dangerously outdated web resources and expose them as the misleading charlatans they truly are.

Common Crimes Against the Web:

  • Using table layout (rather than CSS layout)
  • Abusing (X)HTML markup (rather than using semantic markup)
  • Building inaccessible sites (rather than insuring that all content and functionality are available to people with disabilities)
  • Creating pages that only work in non-standards compliant browsers (rather than coding to web standards then hacking back for deviant browsers)

Caution: As much as these books need to be removed from public circulation and replaced with good books, you should never attempt to harm or destroy outdated books. Please treat these inaccurate tomes as ancient museum relics. Remember, that in addition to providing free access to knowledge, libraries are charged with maintaining history. All we are trying to accomplish here is to move these relics over to the outdated archives, you know, next to the “world is flat” and “pluto is a planet” sections. So, what are you waiting for? Go make your mark! Leave a comment on the Street Team website

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